“An elected representative should embody the ideals, strengths, and spirit of the people they represent. An elected official must show leadership and dedication to their constituents, rather than sacrifice our future to the highest bidder.”
— Dotty Nygard

My name is Dotty Nygard and I am an emergency room nurse, former Riverbank city council member, patient advocate, mother, and grandmother.

I am running for congress to say enough is enough on your behalf!

Here's my pledge to you: I will bring back the caring, compassion, and community that is often lost in the mundane, indifferent, business-as-usual culture in Washington and our political establishment.

NO MORE playing politics with our Healthcare!

NO MORE playing politics with our natural resources!

NO MORE playing politics with our children's education!

NO MORE playing politics with our right to earn a living wage that supports our families!

We need to preserve and protect the leading agricultural industry within our rich Central Valley soils, embrace our diversity, and respect the tradition of immigration that is at the core of our nation's heritage.

The future sustainability of our region hangs in the balance, and will be decided at the voting booth in 2018. 



This is a grassroots campaign and we need all hands on deck! If you don't like to knock on doors or make phone calls, we still have plenty of work for you to do!

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Find out more about what Dotty supports and her plans for District 10! From healthcare to education to immigration, there is a lot that our district can still do better!

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