California Democratic Party Vice Chair endorses Dotty!

California Democratic Party Vice Chair Daraka Larimore-Hall announces support for Dotty Nygard SIGNALS A SHIFT TOWARD ENDORSING PROGRESSIVE CANDIDATES TRACY, CA,

August 15, 2017– Vice Chair of the California Democratic Party* and longtime labor advocate Daraka Larimore-Hall announced his endorsement of CA-10 Congressional Candidate Dotty Nygard in a statement today:

“Dotty Nygard is a strong, dedicated progressive taking on Jeff Denham, a Republican who has stood with Trump 100% of the time since inauguration. I’m proud to stand with her as she fights to give the people of the 10th District a real voice in Washington. As a local elected official, community activist, and front-line nurse, Dotty has dedicated her life to making a stronger and more just community. She deserves our support, and our help in defeating a key reactionary leader in Congress.”

Vice-Chair Larimore-Hall’s endorsement illustrates Nygard’s unique ability to bring together a diverse coalition of important leaders from across the state, including Congressmember Ro Khanna, CA State Assembly candidate Jovanka Beckles, CDP Chicano Latino Caucus* Chair Carlos Alcala, CDP Chicano Latino Caucus* Vice Chair Norma Alcala and National Nurses United. Dotty Nygard’s campaign is comprised of Democrats from all backgrounds and she is proud to run to represent their values in Washington. In a statement today, Nygard humbly accepted his endorsement:

"I’m very honored and humbled by Vice Chair Daraka Larimore-Hall's support. I have always admired his bold vision that resonates with so many of us who are actively searching for party leadership in the era of Trump. We share the same vision to include all members of the party and like Daraka, I will always protect the voices of those that so often go unheard."

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