Rep. Denham’s Constituents Rally in Modesto Against Republican Tax Plan

MODESTO -- A penny’s worth may seem insignificant, but for one group of Modesto residents it was the perfect rallying cry.

Around three dozen people gathered on McHenry Avenue Saturday morning to voice their displeasure with the new proposed tax plan with the campaign message "Not One Penny."

"It says that we don’t want tax cuts for any for these corporate CEOs, and billionaires and oil companies," said Tim Robertson, executive director of the North Valley Labor Federation. "So, not one penny, not $1.5 trillion and not one penny."

Those in attendance hoped their concerns would be heard by local Rep. Jeff Denham, R-Turlock.

"This district, so many of us rely on that tax return every year for that item that you’ve been saving up for, a new car, refrigerator, sending your child to college," said Dotty Nygard, who is running against Denham. "So, this is devastating."

The group played a special form of bingo with categories highlighting what they say will be lost if the tax plan passes.

"The middle class, you can’t squeeze us anymore," Nygard said. "You know the saying, 'blood from a turnip, we’re dry.'"

Nygard said seeing people out and voicing their concerns was a step in the right direction

"I think it’s awesome," she said. "It’s very empowering because people are getting more and more engaged in the political process and know that yes, their voice matters."

One voice, like one penny, may seem insignificant, but added with others, creates a campaign they hope will bring change.

FOX40 put in a call to Rep. Denham’s office for comment but did not receive a message back.