“Your dreams are OUR dreams...”

“Your dreams are OUR dreams...”

I stand with the two-thirds of Americans who want our government to listen to them and create an immigration system that provides a clear, concise, and consistent pathway to citizenship. It’s time for Denham to stand with us too. Their fate could be decided as early as January when the budget authorization is voted on, and its time for Denham to speak on our behalf.

Universal health care top issue at candidate forum

Universal health care top issue at candidate forum

While Harder praised its ability to garner 100 percent coverage and Cox presented multiple options such as Medicaid for all on the route to Medicare for all, one of the bigger reactions of the night went to an eight-second response from an adamant Nygard.

“No question. I support single payer, a guaranteed health care system for all,” Nygard asserted.

On Disaster's Front Lines: Registered Nurse Response Network

Dotty Nygard and Rhonda Risner are registered nurses, members of National Nurses Unitedand activists for single-payer health care and climate justice. Their work has taken them across the country and the world, where they’ve seen firsthand the impact of storms worsened by climate change and the lack of consistent health care. Nygard is an emergency room nurse at Sutter Tracy Hospital in Tracy, California, and is a member of the Registered Nurse Response Network (RNRN). 

Serving the communities affected by Hurricane Harvey

Due to the recent natural disasters in Southeastern Texas, I will be traveling to the affected areas in order to serve the people and ensure their quick recovery. At the end of the day, we must put our country above our campaign in order to protect the lives of all Americans. It is time for all of us to come together as Americans and to put our country over party and personal politics.

In 2006 I served the Louisiana communities affected by Hurricane Katrina. Working as a nurse in disaster affected areas is nothing new for me, but every time I leave in awe watching firsthand the effects of natural disasters caused by Climate Change and our inability as a nation to effectively prevent these horrific events from happening. I have been called in to assist the relief efforts in Houston and the surrounding areas and the moment I was presented with the option to head down there, I knew I had to serve the local community.

Since I will be working long days and nights in Houston, I have officially decided to suspend my official campaign activity until I return to the district once after my duties are complete. The campaign itself will still be running if you would like to volunteer or donate and my staff is prepared to represent the campaign at local community events and meetings in the meantime.

I will be back on the campaign trail soon enough, but our nation is in a crisis and I cannot stand idly by as I watch those in the 4th largest American city live without power, shelter, and the vital resources necessary in order to survive. Any questions about the campaign in the meantime can be directed to David Turkell via email at Press@Dottynygardforcongress.com. Let's stand together in order to heal our nation.

Ready to Serve,

Dotty Nygard, RN