technology has changed the world.

Since the onset of the internet age, our world has been revolutionized. Manufacturing is quickly being replaced by jobs in the tech sector, we're able to control our lives from our cell phones, and global communication takes place faster than ever before.

I fully support free and open access to the internet and applaud the efforts to bring it to every household. We need to ensure that all of our future generations are being educated in computer and technology sciences and put a strong focus on bringing the wealth of the tech economy to our nation's under-served areas.

We must work harder to protect our privacy and online security. We have to be pro-active in identifying the issues that will be arising from our continued technology and information era advancements and find ways to keep false information and news from becoming widespread.

Everyone should have affordable access to the open internet.
— Dotty Nygard

What We Can achieve...

  • Provide internet access as a human right.
  • Incorporating technology and computer studies into our education programs earlier.
  • Protect our privacy and strengthen systems from being hacked.
  • Investing in technology practices that can help the government run on a stream-lined system.
  • Invest in the newest generation of innovative creators.