High-Speed rail

I support the vote of the people and the need to provide a more efficient rail system. I will continue to the fight for the high speed rail and securing federal funds to complete the project. 

expanded public transit

As District 10 sees a boom in growth, we need to push for funding to expand our public transit, making it easier for residents of the district to get to their jobs in the Bay Area, Sacramento and throughout the Central Valley. This includes expanding the ACE train and Amtrak, and converting our public transit to hybrid and electric vehicles. We must also do more to make it affordable for our working class to use our public transit systems! 

revitalize our water systems

It's no secret that we have a water problem in this district. I will be committed to ensuring that we get these problems addressed so that no one is drinking water with lead or other dangerous chemicals. I will stay committed to making sure that our waterways are updated. I will stay committed to promoting water conservation. I will protect our agriculture's water rights. 

The Valley is growing, so should our transit and infrastructure systems.
— Dotty Nygard

What we can achieve...

  • Utilize technology to make transit more efficient and easier to use.
  • Bring our water infrastructure up to date so that we know we're getting clean water.
  • Improve local and regional transit systems.
  • Help citizens with low and fixed incomes afford to take transit regularly.