Housing is a human right

Our valley is booming with new residents as people from across the state flee more expensive areas and join our community. We must be pro-active in making sure that we do not displace families who have been here for generations, the working class, our young adults trying to start their lives, or our senior citizens and disabled citizens living on a fixed income.

Homelessness is an epidemic, not just in our district or our state, but across this country. We need to address the causes of homelessness, from low wages to mental healthcare, and treat the homeless population with dignity and respect as we fight for their rights to housing. We need a collective process statewide and nationally that will ensure no one lives in their car, in the streets, or bouncing from one place to the next. 

I will work relentlessly to secure funding for affordable housing, transitional housing, and shelters for the homeless. I support rent control and just-cause eviction protections for renters that will create stability in housing for a large portion of our community. I will stand up to protect and expand programs that help first time home buyers and fight against any legislation that would allow lenders to use exploitative practices so that we never face a mortgage crisis like 2008 again!

We need to address the issues of homelessness and housing for all income levels.
— Dotty Nygard

What We can achieve...

  • Affordable Housing for our community on a fixed or low wage to live with dignity.
  • Safe shelters and transitional housing that offer services to help the under-served.
  • Stop discrimination and retaliation against renters, potential renters and home buyers. 
  • Thoughtful development that provides a variety of housing options.
  • Programs to help people buy their first homes with confidence.
  • Laws to protect consumers from unfair and immoral lending practices.
  • Rent control and Just-Cause eviction laws that protect tenants.