We need Medicare for all!

Many patients that come to my emergency room do not have any healthcare coverage. They come to our emergency room because they cannot be refused, but their ailments are not emergencies. They are ailments that should be easily addressed by regular visits to doctor's offices and prescriptions.

Through the stories of these patients, I have come to know the core of the issues that hurt their families and communities. When you are not healthy, it is harder to go to work everyday. When you are not healthy, it is harder to care for and enjoy time with your family and friends. When you are not healthy, it ripples into every other area of your life.

We can achieve what the rest of the industrialized world has achieved and provide medical coverage for everyone! 

Healthcare is a human right! Send me to congress and I will join the fight to guarantee healthcare to every American.
— Dotty Nygard

What We can Achieve...

  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Mental Health, and Pharmaceutical coverage for EVERYONE!
  • Lower the costs of medical care by cutting out health insurers and big-Pharma's profit margins.
  • Federal nurse to patient ratios
  • The right to negotiate drug prices.
  • The right for patients to receive acute care when needed.
  • Pick your healthcare provider without worrying about being rejected because of your healthcare insurance.
  • Eliminate deductibles and co-pay's.
  • Make American's healthier by expanding preventative care and finding illness faster.
  • The right for patients to be on the level of care they need and in the hospital until safely discharged at their doctors discretion.