Climate change isn't just real, it's the most urgent threat to humanity we face today.

We must act immediately to invest in 100% renewable energy, discourage pollution through a strong carbon tax as well as cap and trade. We must invest that revenue into breaking our dependency on fossil fuels, providing subsidies for electric vehicle purchases, charging stations, and converting our energy system into renewable sources like wind and solar; both of which we have in abundance in our valley. 

Climate Change is real.
— Dotty Nygard

What we can achieve...

  • Creating thousands of good paying jobs in the clean energy sector. Focusing on our district's resources such as wind and solar. 
  • Protect the planet and natural resources for future generations. 
  • Invest in research and development for new clean technologies.
  • A carbon tax to discourage big polluters and force their hand in converting to clean power.
  • Investments into clean energy on every level, from our biggest buildings to our smallest homes.