I support Dotty because I believe she will help us flip the CD-10th Congressional District and stop the Republican attacks on women, workers, immigrants and the environment!
— Patrick Oliver

“Dotty is a stellar RN and patient advocate who has dedicated her life to serving her community. She has served on the local City Council and as a bedside nurse. We need her now more than ever...”
— Liz Jacobs

I endorse Dotty Nygard because she will stand strong against bad policies that are hurting our country and will not be beholden to corporate interests.
— Elizabeth Castillo

Dotty Nygard will stand up for you and I in Washington against all of the corporate sell-outs just as she has stood up for her patients for over 20 years!
— Denece Vincent

I endorse Dotty Nygard because she represents the everyday person who must work for a living. She sees the suffering that’s visible in her patients faces as she practices as an ER nurse. She represents the change I want to see and fully support her!
— Amy Gamache-Glass

There is a dark cloud looming over the country and many are justifiably fearful of the policies coming from Washington. We cannot let our Representative be a rubber stamp for legislation based in xenophobia and will not let them continue risk the lives of our fellow Americans by taking away our healthcare in the name of an irresponsible political agenda. It’s time we show the strength of grassroots organizing, community outreach and basic human compassion. It’s time we come together and let our voices be heard. For these very reasons, I am proud to support Dotty Nygard, A strong, compassionate, and intelligent progressive for Congress in CD-10. As a nurse, Dotty is in direct contact with the people of our district and knows what it takes to take care of the people in our community and I trust that she can use her experiences to lead and build a better future for all of us here in CD-10.
— Manuel Zapata

We need representatives who are tied to life’s realities not party politics. Someone who sees we “little guys” are not being heard over the clink of money. Dotty is that person and will be our voice.
— R. Hunter

It’s time we handed the reigns of government back to the hands of the working class. Why are career politicians deciding on what happens to us? Let’s bring the political revolution to CD10!
— Brandon Harami

Denham voted for a bill that would cause 111,000 people in his district to lose coverage. Time to go.
— Rachel Hill

Nurses are the new super heroes, and I know Dotty will make public service about serving the public and not the pocket books of powerful interests.
— Logan Smith, Vice President - SCV Young Democrats

We need honest representatives of the people in power.
— Ryan Skolnick

She is awesome.
— Hosam Haggag

I’m tired of politics and politicians as usual, and it’s time for more champions that will represent the 99%!
— James Albert

She is the real deal - she walks the walk and will be a much needed change for her District. Dotty is the future in California!!
— Susana Williams

She is running a clean money campaign and stands for progressive change!
— Kari Khoury

We need more people in office who give a sh*t. Dotty’s life long record as an advocate, volunteer, and union organizer proves she is that person!
— Kelsey Pressnall

She’s going to not only heal her district, but also help heal our country and world.
— Cullen Tiernan

In a time when our very character is tested we need leaders that will put the people’s wellness first and administer the proper prescription Medicare for all.

A clean, people powered campaign will win district 10. Dotty Nygard is my champion.

En un clima político que pone a prueba nuestro temple surge un candidato como Dotty Nygard, la enfermera con la receta adecuada Medicare para todos.

Una campaña limpia y popular levantará el distrito 10, Dotty es la campeona! #TodosConDotty #YaEsHora
— Guillermo Elenes

Because she supports people over corporate profits.
— Jenny Marshall

She is honest!!!
— Lara Solis

She will be a strong advocate for people in her district. She will fight against social, economic, racial & environmental injustices and stand up to corporate lobbyists.
— Elizabeth Castillo

Her values resonate with me. I believe Dotty is a capable leader who will help usher in a bright future for California.
— Kate Gladstein

I can’t imagine another person who would serve CD10 with as much vigor and compassion.
— Jennifer Holm

Dotty has the intelligence, heart, and spine to put people above profits. She is free of corporate dollars and will stand up to corporate politicians who publicly speak to their constituents needs but play to the Koch brother’s end game behind closed doors.
— Erika Feresten

I’ve seen her involved in Bernie progressive issues and I know she will continue to fight this fight!!
— Miki Nakamura, Co-Chair, Organizational Development Committee, CA Democratic Party

Dotty has the integrity and passion to heal CD-10.
— Maureen Dugan

Dotty will fight to make sure that the interests of regular working people are represented in Congress. We need more good, hard working progressives like her to run for office. I am proud to support her.
— Phillip Kim, At-Large Officer, Progressive Caucus of CA Democratic Party

We need progressives not beholden to special interests in the game.
— David Benoit

She is a compassionate voice for the 99%.
— Shirley Toy

Dotty has impeccable principles!
— Amarnath Ravva

Because our morals support her!
— Luis Ramos

I believe she is the right person to represent her constituents because she is bound by her honor as a nurse to advocate for her patients and that translates into constituents. She will bring nurses values to a political arena that is desperately crying for help!
— Karen McNair

Dotty fights for ordinary Americans and puts People over profits.
— Tina Fredericks

Dotty represents true democratic values and is a candidate of the people, for the people.
— Maria Estrada

It is time for exceptional integrity and caring in our representatives. Dotty Nygard is a perfect example of what we need.
— K. Kevyne Baar

Dotty is unbought and unbossed. We need bold and principled leaders like Dotty in Congress more than ever.
— Zenaida Huerta

It is time to get people into office who will act in our best interest and not their own.
— Parker Mankey

We need nurses to heal this government. Nurses like Dotty.
— Melissa Johnson-Camacho, RN

Dotty represents the change we need. She’s taking on a Republican not by tacking to the center or by being a voice for establishment interests, but by running a clean-money campaign for progressive solutions. Drawing on her experience as a registered nurse, she’s injecting some much-needed wisdom and credibility into a healthcare debate dominated on the one hand by Republicans (like the cynical Jeff Denham) who propose tax cuts for the rich and care cuts for the poor, and on the other hand by bought Democrats who offer no ideas at all on how we might cover the millions of people who don’t have the healthcare they need. By standing for a real solution - a “Medicare for all” single payer system - Dotty is demonstrating that she’s looking out for her constituents, not big insurance companies. I’m proud to endorse Dotty Nygard for Congress in CD-10, and I’m confident her constituents will be won over by her good judgment and her empathy and her fighting spirit.
— Johannes Muenzel

I support nurses and representatives that put people before politics, and Dotty is dedicated to doing exactly that.
— Zackary Reinhardt

She cares for all Californians.
— Jon-Paul Wolfe, Union Electrician IBEW 332

She believes in Healthcare NOT Warfare!
— Dr. Bill Honigman