Voting is our constitutional right.

Every American has a constitutional right to vote and it is the job of elected representatives to make sure that every single constituent is granted that right! We must end gerrymandering. Every state should have a non-partisan, independent civilian commission that creates fair districts. We must reinstate the Voting Rights Act and strengthen it to make easy for every person to get a ballot an verify their vote was counted!

Is is time to reform our broken electoral college system so it actually reflects the will of the voters! We can't risk the popular vote losing the presidency again! Twice in our lifetime is plenty! Let's end the winner-takes-all system and look at fair ways to distribute electoral college votes! Every state should have to follow the same uniform procedures to make voting clear and consistent no matter where you live or move!

Elections should be transparent and systematic. We have to have a uniform process in every state that is consistent and easy.
— Dotty Nygard

What We Can achieve...

  • Ending voter suppression.
  • End gerrymandering.
  • Let citizen's create fair districts!
  • Reform the Electoral College!
  • Work on ways to securely use technology in our voting process.
  • Increase voter turnout!