education is a vital part of community

For decades, our public school system was the envy of the world. It guaranteed a first-class education to every child in this country, many of which used that education to overcome structural poverty and achieve upward class mobility.

Now more than ever, we must recommit to our public schools on every level. We need to return funding to our schools, for necessities like supplies and wages; but also for our arts programs, our after school programs, and create a free public college system so that all our children can thrive and discover their path. 

We need to invest in our future generations and remove the burden of school debt.
— Dotty Nygard

What We can Achieve...

  • We can pay our school teachers more!
  • Vibrant and vital programs to help students discover new paths to a future career. (Welding, Auto, Plumbing and more)
  • More schools for our overcrowded districts.
  • Refinance student loans at a lower interest rate. 
  • Free community and state college tuition!
  • A safe and bully-free environment for every student.
  • Medical and counseling services on every campus to help our at-risk youth.