End mass incarceration.

When we live in a country where we spend more per prisoner than we do per student, we know we have a problem. That problem is a private prison industry that has bought politicians who allow them to disproportionately lock up People of Color for non-violent offenses and public service officials who turn a blind eye to the devastating flaws in our criminal justice system.

Let's get back to using our prison system to only punish violent offenders and get non-violent offenders the opportunities they need! Drug offenders don't need jail, they need help battling addiction. Petty thieves don't need jail, they need a living wage so they don't have to steal. Let's make sure that our police force is getting the training they need to effectively de-escalate tense situations, recognize mental illness, subdue people with non-violent techniques, and only use their gun in a non-fatal way when their physical safety is legitimately at risk. We want our police forces to serve and protect and we want them to be able to work with our other public resources in making sure that we can find help for mentally ill, people trapped in abusive domestic situations, and stopping violent offenders.

Legalize marijuana.

California and many other states have already legalized the use of recreational and/or medicinal marijuana. It's time to do that nationwide and remove marijuana from the schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. We need to focus on helping people with addictions to drugs that have been proven to be fatal and are killing people in this country everyday. Marijuana has never killed a single person and provides actual health benefits to many people suffering from both physical and mental ailments. The culture around marijuana use has already drastically changed for our newest generations and we want our federal laws to reflect the reduction of stigmatization against marijuana users. Legalizing marijuana is also a huge economy booster that can bring in much needed revenue to fund education, healthcare, and infrastructure needs.

Legalizing marijuana nationwide will have a huge impact on ending mass incarceration.
— Dotty Nygard

What We Can achieve...

  • Legalize marijuana use nationally and remove the drug from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act.
  • Reform our prison system for proper justice for violent offenses.
  • Get non-violent offenders rehabilitation and opportunities, not jail time! 
  • Stop the unjust killings by Police!
  • End the practice of private prison lobbyists giving money to elected officials or candidate campaigns.
  • Invest more resources in public legal resources to assure that everyone has adequate and capable representation in our justice system.