i'm running a clean money campaign.

That means that you won't see any special interests or big money corporations on my contributors list! When the 99% elect you, that's who you represent. You can't negotiate with the other side of the table when you take their money! 

We must push for reform in how campaign's are financed. The fairest way to finance campaigns is through public financing where every declared candidate gets the money for their campaign from the people and not big corporations or additional hand out's to their super PACs. This means that big corporations and powerful lobby's will no longer be able to bankroll the voice they want heard over anyone else's!

It’s time to reform our campaign finance system towards publicly financed elections... and not allow our politicians to be bought off!
— Dotty Nygard

What We can Achieve...

  • Make candidates focus on the real issues, not talking points provided by lobbyists.
  • Return the power to the people and the grassroots so change can happen from the bottom up!
  • Create a fair playing field for everyone who wants to run for public office.
  • Eliminate the influence of big money so no one's voice is elevated disproportionately.