animals are part of our kingdom.

Part of our responsibility to our planet is to protect our ecosystem and all of it's creatures. Whether it is our bees, our bears, or the pets we call our best friends, we must do our duty in saving their habitats, stopping violence against them, and dedicating ourselves to preserving their populations.

I support making every shelter in the country a no-kill shelter and offering low cost spay and neutering for pets. We must cultivate and promote a culture that believes in adopting and fostering domestic pets, ending unethical breeding practices like "puppy mills," and getting justice for animals who have been abused.

All animals deserve humane living conditions, whether it is agriculture farming or advancing science, we cannot continue to harbor a culture that sees animals as disposable. We must do more to encourage humans to cut down on meat consumption, support true "free range" animal farms, and not force any animal to live it's life in a cage. 

Protecting our majestic wildlife species needs to be a priority for our country. We have to stop invading their habitats and start working to repopulate our endangered species. This starts with evaluating our hunting laws, ending poaching, protecting our open space and national parks, educating every new generation on the importance of animal rights, and ending the destruction of our precious ecosystem and the resources it needs to thrive!

The animal kingdom is a part of the cycle of life. We must protect it.
— Dotty Nygard

What We Can achieve...

  • A nation of no-kill animal shelters.
  • Protections for wildlife and endangered species.
  • Ending inhumane breeding practices.
  • Giving animals a voice in our justice system.
  • More animal adoption and fostering!
  • Growing populations for endangered species.